Siuslaw Viewfinders Camera Club Hosts a Basic Photography Workshop

The Siuslaw Viewfinders Camera Club announces a basic photography workshop/class free of charge and open to everyone. The workshop covers photography basics with an emphasis on manual settings (ISO, shutter speeds, aperture), metering, as well as focusing and composition. This short workshop is ideal for beginning photographers, as well as enthusiasts, who want to learn more about their cameras, and the art of photography in general. The workshop is at the Siuslaw Public Library (Bromley Room) during the club’s monthly meeting from 6 to 8 PM, Wednesday April 3, 2024. Bring your camera and lots of questions for this hands-on learning event.
The Siuslaw Viewfinders Camera Club (SVCC) is a small, community club with diverse members. The goal of the SVCC is to have fun with photography by exploring our wonderful coastal community and environment. For further information email or go to to learn more about the Siuslaw Viewfinders.

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