SOUL VIBRATOR Live at the Deadwood Community Center

SOUL VIBRATOR is truly one of Oregon’s finest, an incredible funk band homegrown in Eugene! They will be bringing their party amazing skills, party vibes and booty shakin’ tunes Saturday January 14th 2023. Community potluck at 6:30, music at 7:30
Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Soul Vibrator is easily one of the most exciting bands based out of the lively town of Eugene, Oregon. Originally a jam-band centered around funk music, Soul Vibrator is a group of artists who pride themselves on their genre-infusing musical endeavors and all around creativity. Doing their best to provide listeners with new and interesting sonic environments, they are a band whose ambitions and intentions are to bring a unique musical presence all throughout the Northwest region and, indeed, the world. Soul Vibrator consists of six original members, all of whom were born and raised in various parts of Oregon. Sharing a common love for music and vibrancy, the members have found solace, friendship and even brotherhood through their music in ways never before thought possible.
The band is most notably known for winning the Eugene Weekly’s Next Big Thing Competition in the summer of 2014. Since the announcement, Soul Vibrator has begun generating positive momentum within their local scene and beyond. Soul Vibrator has also been voted as one of the best bands in Eugene, Oregon in the Eugene Weekly every year since 2013 following in-suite of local legends (and the last two Eugene Weekly winners) Sol Seed and Medium Troy. Soul Vibrator has kept busy after the announcement by continuing to enter national music competitions, finishing their debut album, filming a number of music videos and partaking in a variety of photo-shoots. If the energy of this group hints anything, it is a positive future in the world of music. Featuring a group of addictive, hilarious, crazy, musically-driven artists, Soul Vibrator is one band you are definitely going to want to listen to.
Zeviel Wolf – Lead Singer/Guitarist
Braden Smith – Lead Guitarist
Miles Alberts – Bassist
Max Pinder – Keyboard Player
Jake Brown – Saxophone
Charles Demonnin – Trombone
Samira Lobby – Vocals
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